Entrepreneurship for People of All Abilities

Enterprise Ability is an NDIS funded program targeting
school leavers and mature age applicants seeking
self employment through small business.

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    Entrepreneurship as a Pathway to Self Employment

    Don’t let myths hold you back from following your entrepreneurial vision.
    Passion, creativity and consistent effort are more important than how much start up cash you have.
    If you have a good idea, and an ability to learn alongside an experienced mentor,
    you can be well on you way.

    Brendan Murphy Enterprise Ability
    Meet Brendan Murphy. 15 years experience in the Disability Sector combined with 15 years success as an Entrepreneur.

    Brendan has seen many successful businesses built on existing ideas that are simply refined, improved or adapted to meet new markets.
    Enterprise Ability is all about surrounding yourself with talented mentors who can help you craft and scale your business efficiently.
    We’re here to build your competence and confidence so you can go forward independently.

    Proven Business Success
    Disability Sector Awareness
    Outcome Oriented and Person Centered.
    Bronze Premiers Award Winner
    Business Basics

    Gain a sound foundation in the fundamentals of business. A tailored, targeted program specific to your abilities.

    Entrepreneurship Immersive

    We start working alongside you with your initial Business Plan completed on day one.

    Digital Masters

    Gain the skillset required to thrive in 2023 to build, maintain and administer your empire online.



    Earn your own income from your own creative source. There is nothing quite like it!


    Set your own boundaries around your work. Be your own boss.


    Create what you want to, when you want. Meet your creative needs as you make money.

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