Disability Entrepreneurship

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Disability Entrepreneurship – We are all about enabling people with disabilities into entrepreneurship.  We aim to make pathways open and accessible and hand over the initiative to the NDIS participant to drive the process toward entrepreneurial success.  And most importantly, it’s not just about jargon and keywords and saying the right thing – we want to build real world self employment opportunities that lead toward empowerment and individual social inclusion.

How does it work in Real Life?

We sit down and listen to you in a one to one conversation to discover your experience and prior knowledge.  Each Entrepreneur with a Disability (EwD) comes to EnterpriseAbility with a unique skillset and we value that as a starting point.  We don’t force you to sit through a compulsory theory component by way of induction or introduction.

In fact, we stand by our unique approach of offering a “Business Plan on Day One” as a way to keep you immersed in the growth mindset.  Oh, and by the way, we emphasize a focus on personal growth and individual development as important to the Entrepreneurial Mindset.  

During your time with EnterpriseAbility you will refer back to a series of Coaching Skills built on appreciating that a healthy, positive, growth mindset is an essential part of nurturing the grit and resilience required to establish a start up business.

How do I know if this is right for me?

If you are a person with a disability who is or would like the opportunity to be self employed, the owner of an enterprise, a social enterprise founder, or someone who identifies as an entrepreneur, then get in touch with EnterpriseAbility.com.au today.

We are seeking NDIS participants to work alongside our business mentors to identify entrepreneurial opportunities and then establish and build it out into self employment opportunities.  Longer term, the goal is to create a genuine stand alone business that offers lasting value return to you as a viable business.  

Australian Bureau of Statistics data shows that people with a disability have a higher rate of entrepreneurship than people without disability.  EnterpriseAbility helps tap into this ambition and motivation and drive a purposeful, meaningful business.  By 

Tell me more about EnterpriseAbility?

Our mentors have extensive experience in the Disability sector and are expert at effectively building trust and rapport.  Our mentors appreciate that self employment and the thrill of entrepreneurship is both exciting and somewhat intimidating at the same time.  We will guide you with a sense of genuine care and empathy and aim to move through the process at a pace that is suited to your needs.

In saying this, EnterpriseAbility.com.au is not a traditional Day Program where you can come to and expect while away the time.  We are more along the lines of a consultancy, and we move at a sound pace so that a two – three hour session is usually enough for most participants for the day.  Please appreciate this – there is a fairly intense level of learning and engagement so you will be encouraged to take a break prior to and after our time together.